A Focus on Community Involvement and Charitable Initiatives Sets Chicken in a Barrel Apart as it Breaks into the Franchising Industry

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A Focus on Community Involvement and Charitable Initiatives Sets Chicken in a Barrel Apart as it Breaks into the Franchising Industry
A Focus on Community Involvement and Charitable Initiatives Sets Chicken in a Barrel Apart as it Breaks into the Franchising Industry
The emerging franchise brand provides its franchisees with a platform to give back to the communities supporting its local expansion efforts.

Residents and visitors of Kapa’a and Hanalei, Hawaii know that Chicken in a Barrel isn’t your average barbecue joint. From its signature steel drums that cook smoked meat that’s then served off the hook to its family friendly environment, the brand is a one of a kind restaurant for consumers looking for top quality barbecue. And now, Chicken in a Barrel is bringing its unique concept to the mainland by breaking into the franchising industry.

But there’s more to Chicken in a Barrel than delicious food and an innovative concept. In addition to offering its franchisees the opportunity to get in on the ground level of an increasingly popular segment of the restaurant industry, the brand also puts its owners in a position to give back to their local communities. In fact, that commitment to community involvement is a critical part of Chicken in a Barrel’s franchising system that stems back to its founder, Mike Pierce.

Beyond his roles with the brand and as a real estate developer, Pierce is also a pastor at Calvary Chapel North Shore. That’s why Chicken in a Barrel’s corporately owned locations make an active effort to give back whenever possible.

“The concept for Chicken in a Barrel was first created over the dinner table with my family, where we all share a love of God and a love of barbecue. That combination has always been a driving force for the brand, and it’s something that we intend to continue as we open up additional units,” said Pierce. “As a successful restaurant, we have the opportunity to give back to the consumers who have supported us and made us a part of their lives. We’re always looking for ways to make a difference in the communities that we call home.”

Because of Pierce’s connection to Calvary Chapel North Shore, Chicken in a Barrel often serves as a fundraising vehicle for the church’s youth group. Led by Isaiah Adams, the youth group taps into Chicken in a Barrel’s consumer base before they head out on big mission trips. The restaurant determines a day that they’re willing to donate all of their proceeds to help fund the trip, while youth group members volunteer their time to help clean up around the restaurant.

Adams says that partnering with Chicken in a Barrel is instrumental to fueling the youth group’s efforts to give back. And that level of support for people on the island—along with its top tier barbecue—is what ultimately keeps people coming back.

“There aren’t too many brands out there that are willing to set aside a day where all of their proceeds go to charity. It goes to show just how much Chicken in a Barrel cares about our local community—they go above and beyond to support us and give back,” said Adams. “That’s what makes Chicken in a Barrel so unique. Not only do they serve the best barbecue in town, they also care for their customers.”

That commitment to supporting charitable initiatives is something that Chicken in a Barrel will encourage as franchisees enter its system. And with its first location in development in Santa Barbara, California, it’s clear that the brand’s concept is already catching on among prospective business owners. Chicken in a Barrel’s supportive corporate team and flexible business model then make it simple for franchisees to succeed once they’ve signed an agreement, along with its affordable initial investment. Startup costs range from $244,510 to $385,208 for a roadside express, while full service restaurants require an initial investment that falls between $497,100 and $687,500.

“There’s no shortage of factors working together to make Chicken in a Barrel’s franchising opportunity incredibly attractive to prospective owners. That’s why we’re confident that as we continue to expand through this model, we’ll be able to grow at a rapid pace,” said Brent Bierma, co-owner of Chicken in a Barrel. “We’re looking forward to welcoming new franchisees into our system in the months and years to come.”