Starring Appearance on ‘Man Fire Food’ Fuels Chicken in a Barrel’s Strong Momentum as Brand Reports Record Sales

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Starring Appearance on ‘Man Fire Food’ Fuels Chicken in a Barrel’s Strong Momentum as Brand Reports Record Sales
Starring Appearance on ‘Man Fire Food’ Fuels Chicken in a Barrel’s Strong Momentum as Brand Reports Record Sales
Chicken in a Barrel has seen sales jump by 25 percent and profits climb by 41 percent in the first eight months of the year.

When Chicken in a Barrel first opened its doors in Kauai, Hawaii, it changed the game in the barbecue business. Founder Mike Pierce introduced a new way to smoke meats—instead of opting for the traditional grill, he cooks poultry, ribs, beef and pork in a custom barrel before serving it right off the hook. That’s why immediately, his family recipe-turned-restaurant concept took off. And the buzz surrounding the brand hasn’t waned—now, what started as a side project has become a rapidly growing franchise concept.

Today, Pierce works alongside his two son-in-laws, Brent Bierma and Patrick Pepper, in addition to their wives and children, to bring top quality food to customers in a family friendly environment. And it’s clear that Chicken in a Barrel’s one of a kind concept is catching on among consumers— in the first eight months of the year, the brand has seen sales jump by 25 percent, with profits climbing by 41 percent.

“We couldn’t be happier with our performance so far this year. We’re seeing record sales and profits, which is a great sign as we continue to expand our reach through franchising,” said Pierce. “The Chicken in a Barrel brand is building on incredibly strong momentum right now, and with locations expected to launch on the mainland soon, we’re putting ourselves in a position where we can continue breaking records.”

In addition to its delicious food and focus on customer service, there’s a national spotlight currently shining on the Chicken in a Barrel brand that’s fueling its momentum. The brand recently appeared on an episode of the Cooking Channel’s hit show Man Fire Food, causing interest in the concept to climb at a rapid rate. After originally airing on August 22 and a handful of re-runs airing through September 14, Chicken in a Barrel’s debut on the show is raising awareness not just for the brand’s food, but for its business ownership opportunity.

During filming, the Man Fire Food team captured the entire process behind Chicken in a Barrel’s smoked meats. From the shape of the barrel that’s used to how the meat is placed while it's cooked, the show gave viewers an inside look at the quality and care that goes into making Chicken in a Barrel so successful.

“Man Fire Food did an unbelievable job at capturing what makes Chicken in a Barrel so unique. Even though it was unexpected, we’re so grateful that we were nominated to be on the show.

It was Pepper that got the call about the Man Fire Food opportunity first. Someone in the filming industry in Hawaii had nominated Chicken in a Barrel to appear on the program because of their active presence on social media, which then led to an interview process to secure the gig. And according to Bierma, that strong social media presence is something that they plan to continue leveraging going forward.

As Chicken in a Barrel aims to close out 2017 on a high note, the brand is making an active effort to boost its brand awareness. From capitalizing on its television debut to increasing the size of its digital footprint, Chicken in a Barrel is gearing up for rapid growth in the months and years ahead. And with initial investments for a roadside express location ranging from $244,510 to $395,208 and startup costs for a full-service restaurant falling between $497,100 and $687,500, the brand’s business ownership opportunity is accessible for a variety of aspiring franchisees.

“We’re confident that once our first few locations are off the ground, we’re going to experience rapid growth. 2017 has been a big year for us so far, but there’s no doubt that 2018 will be even better,” said Bierma. “As demand continues to climb for top quality restaurant concepts that create a positive experience for families, we’re going to make the most of our unique positioning and heightened brand awareness.”