5 Reasons Why Chicken in a Barrel is a Great Business Ownership Opportunity

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5 Reasons Why Chicken in a Barrel is a Great Business Ownership Opportunity
5 Reasons Why Chicken in a Barrel is a Great Business Ownership Opportunity
From its strong support system and initial investment to its family friendly environment, Chicken in a Barrel brings a lot of positive qualities to the table.

Standing out in the restaurant segment of the franchising industry can be a challenging task. But between its one of a kind cooking method and family-centric environment, Chicken in a Barrel is hard to overlook. The Hawaii-based brand is currently in growth mode, with its sights set on establishing a strong presence in communities across the country. That’s why it’s looking to partner with passionate and qualified franchisees.

Here are the top five reasons that make Chicken in a Barrel a one of a kind business ownership opportunity:

1. Make Money While Doing Something You Love

It’s rare for people to find a way to turn their passion into a career. That’s what makes Chicken in a Barrel so unique—not only are franchisees able to run their own businesses, they can also enjoy what they’re doing at the same time. Chicken in a Barrel’s proven business model is designed to set its local owners up for success, meaning that the brand has found a way for franchisees to make a living while pursuing a career path they love.

“I get to barbecue for a living. That’s not something that a lot of people have the ability to say,” said Chicken in a Barrel co-owner Patrick Pepper. “I go to work every day with a smile on my face. There’s a fun environment in every Chicken in a Barrel restaurant, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

2. Work for Yourself but Not by Yourself

One of the biggest benefits that comes with being a part of a franchise brand is the support system that comes with it. Rather than going it alone and facing challenges without any help, Chicken in a Barrel franchisees have a network of other owners as well as corporate team members who are there to provide guidance and assistance whenever needed. The roadmap to launching a Chicken in a Barrel restaurant is also already prepared—the brand’s proven business model simply needs to be followed by franchisees.

“You get to work for yourself, do something you love and make money all while being around a great team of people. There’s a real sense of family and community across the entire brand, and we want to see our franchisees succeed. Our commitment to community is difficult to match,” said Brent Bierma, co-owner of Chicken in a Barrel.

3. Get in on the Ground Floor of an Emerging Restaurant Opportunity for an Affordable Investment

With two locations currently open for business on the Garden Island of Kauai and additional units already in development both in Hawaii and on the Mainland, Chicken in a Barrel’s concept is just beginning to take off. That means that aspiring restaurant owners have the opportunity to get in on the ground level of an emerging franchise brand with strong growth potential in key target markets across the country. In addition to that ability to open up a Chicken in a Barrel location in a top tier market, the brand’s investment is accessible for those who are interested. While franchisees can expect their initial investment for a full-service restaurant to range between $497,100 and $$687,500, roadside express locations require a smaller investment, from $244,510 to $295,208.

4. Combine a Passion for Food and People

Chicken in a Barrel is changing the way that people enjoy barbecue. Its methods of cooking are unique—rather than using a traditional grill, Chicken in a Barrel cooks poultry, ribs, beef and pork by smoking it in a custom barrel before serving it right off the hook. Because the brand takes a one of a kind approach to preparing and serving food in the restaurant industry, it’s looking to partner with franchisees who are passionate about its model. That passion for food also applies to people—given that the brand exists to provide consumers with a positive experience, franchisees are able to cultivate strong relationships with their customers and members of their local communities. When those two passions come together, Chicken in a Barrel has found that it’s a recipe for success.

5. It’s Something You Can Do as a Family

Chicken in a Barrel started as a family tradition. The brand’s unique style of cooking was originally a family recipe, and now, the founder works together with his daughters and son-in-laws to bring that tradition to the masses. As Chicken in a Barrel continues to break into new communities across the country, the brand is looking to add to its growing, extended family.

“If you love people and you love food, this is a great business ownership opportunity for you. Of course, being successful as a Chicken in a Barrel owner requires a lot of hard work, but it’s going to be work that you love to do,” said founder Mike Pierce. “At the end of the day, our concept speaks for itself. We rarely have to pitch our franchising opportunity—when people come in to our restaurants and see what we do, they recognize its potential right away. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow alongside the right people, and we’re eager to help entrepreneurs with a passion for food and people make Chicken in a Barrel their own.”