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Find Out Why Chicken In A Barrel is So Unique
About Chicken In A Barrel

Even though the first location was founded in 2010, Chicken In A Barrel's method of barbecue has been a family tradition for 35 years.  What started as a way of feeding the community through founder Mike Pierce's charitable works, has turned into a regional barbecue phenomenom.

Mike and his family founded the original Chicken In A Barrel BBQ located in Kapaa, Hawaii and in 2012, they opened a second location in Hanalei, Hawaii. Mike and his team have built two highly acclaimed destination barbecue restaurants comprised of a roadside stand and a restaurant. Chicken in a Barrel has turned into their family business, and the overwhelming demand for their barbecue, into the next great franchise opportunity for you. 

This phenomenom is now beginning to spread as Chicken In A Barrel has put together it's franchise model that will allow you to bring to your community, what locals and visitors to Hawaii have know for years...Chicken In A Barrel is the best barbecue around. Chicken In A Barrel is ready to expand with franchisee partners that share similar community values and purpose as Mike and his family.

Chicken In A Barrel's Franchise Opportunity

Chicken In A Barrel is an unique opportunity to bring the feel of Hawaii, be an active member in your local community, and serve up a style of barbecue not found nationwide.  Whether you are looking for an opportunity that has a smaller, more flexible footprint or a full-scale restaurant, with Chicken In A Barrel, you have options.  With our Roadside Express opportunity, you have more flexibility with finding a location with a lower investment.  Our Full Service Restaurant opportunity, allows you to take a more traditional approach with a larger footprint and greater revenue opportunities.

Chicken In A Barrel provides the following for franchisees:

  • Comprehensive New Owner Training at the corporate locations in Hawaii
  • Site Selection and Construction Support
  • Turnkey Buildout & POS
  • Grand Opening Advertising Assistance
  • On-going Marketing and Operational Support
  • Supply Chain for the highest quality food and ingredients
  • Training & Support on developing your brand locally in your community
  • Opportunities for Area Developers
Mike's Story

Before founding Chicken in a Barrel, Hawaii based Mike Pierce was a commercial real estate developer, but more importantly to him, he was and remains a pastor of the Calvary Chapel North Shore. As part of his community outreach and service, Mike and his team would cook for and feed the homeless and less fortunate. And what did they cook and feed them, barbecue cooked in a barrel!  Mike's passion for barbecue led him to adopt the cooking and smoking techniques of the old time gold miners who would cook and smoke their food in metal barrels. He combined that with his passion for helping others and helping the community.  Chicken In A Barrel is a family business, with members of Mike's family working throughout the organization.  Are you ready to start your journey and become part of the Chicken In A Barrel family as Mike continues his?

Latest Stories

Why I Bought

Alex and Jennifer Vilera are bringing the first franchised Chicken in a Barrel to the Mainland in 2017

“All I could think about was Chicken in a Barrel and how much I was craving it,” says Chicken in a Barrel’s first franchisee Jennifer Vilera, who is opening the location alongside her husband Alex.

The Vileras had just spent about a year living in Hawaii, and moved back to Santa Barbara in 2015 to be near family after the couple learned they were expecting their first child. And while they still had sandy beaches and a laid back vibe in California, they couldn’t satisfy their cravings for Chicken in a Barrel—an aloha-style restaurant based in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. A year of planning later, the Vileras signed on to bring Chicken in a Barrel to the Mainland.

“We’re thrilled to have the Vileras as our first franchisees,” said Mike Pierce, Chicken in a Barrel founder and owner. “It was very important to us that our first franchise partners share the same goals and family values as we do, and Jennifer and Alex are a great fit in that sense. They, too, intend to spread the love of God with this business, and plan on creating a family-friendly atmosphere. We’re looking forward to seeing what great things come from them and the growth they’re bringing to the brand.”

For the Vileras, Chicken in a Barrel is more than a business venture, it’s an opportunity to create a space where their family can come together. For the first location in Santa Barbara, which they plan on opening by the end of 2017, the couple is employing all family members. And from there, the Vileras are hoping their siblings and other family members, too, might open nearby locations to help grow the business.

Jennifer, an event coordinator for International Student Tours (IS Tours), and Alex, a restaurant industry veteran, are the kind of couple who are willing to step outside of their comfort zones. Through Jennifer’s work, the couple traveled to Hawaii every year, and as they began visiting more frequently, they knew it was an adventure they wanted to last longer than a month here and there. So they packed their bags and moved from Santa Barbara to the island of Kauai. After living in vacation rentals for the first month of their move, the Vileras chose to set up a more permanent residence on the north shore of the island, which just so happens to be where Chicken in a Barrel has its two road-side locations. From that moment on, the couple was hooked.

“We ended up going to this church where they’d serve lunch after the service, and one day they were serving Chicken in a Barrel, which we already loved by this point,” said Jennifer. “During lunch that day, we found out that the assistant pastor at the church, Mike Pierce, was also the owner of the restaurant. It was just really awesome to learn that the restaurant we’d begun liking so much was also owned by this great person.”

Soon after the Vileras moved back to Santa Barbara, Jennifer reached out to Pierce and asked if they’d consider franchising. And the rest, as they say, is history.

“We are really excited to work with Mike and the rest of the Chicken in a Barrel team,” said Alex. “They’ve become our great friends, and it’s crazy to think we didn’t even know them very well when we lived there. The restaurant is such a great brand. We’re looking forward to serving our community and sell some good chicken.”

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